Although Zahirian’s army cadet was started in 1994, it got its first chance to participate in the annual assessment camp only in 2004. Its first annual assessment camp was held at Rantambe Cadet Training Centre. It is recorded in the history of 9th battalion of National Cadet Corps, that in 2004 a cadet platoon of 25 students from a Muslim school has participated in the annual assessment camp for the first time. Since that it has improved a lot with the proper guidance of the master in charge Lt. M.I.M. Ziyad and support from principal and teachers. Zahirian’s cadet is the only Muslim cadet platoon in Kegalle district, and considered to be one of the four Muslim cadet platoons island wide.

Moreover, being a Muslim cadet platoon, we were able to achieve several goals. Also we were placed first at a drama competition. 10 cadets from our college took part in the Kegalle district inter platoon cricket tournament held at the Ruwanwella Rajasinghe Vidhyalaya. Also 12 cadets from our college participated in the inter battalion kabaddi tournament held at the Rantambe Nation Cadet Corps Training Center, representing the 9th battalion (Kegalle district) kabaddi team.

Our sergeants who directed our cadet platoon successfully since 2004.

Mr. M.M.M Shafraz 2004
Mr. M.J.M Shahny 2005
Mr. M.R. Shabeer Ahmad 2006
Mr. M.A.M Rishad 2007
Mr. A.H.M Safran 2008
Mr. M.R.M Rimzy 2009
Mr. M.N.M Ansaf 2010
Mr. M.S.M. Haneek 2011
Mr. A.H.M Shakir 2012

Our cadets who were ranked as the Under Officers in the 9th Battalion of National Cadet Corps.
Name Rank Year
Mr. M.M.M Shafraz CQSM 2005
Mr. M.M.M Shafraz RQSM 2006
Mr. M.J.M Shahny CQSM 2006
Mr. M.M.M Shafraz RSM 2007
Mr. M.J.M Shahny CSM 2007
Mr. M.A.M Rishad CQSM 2008
Mr. A.H.M Safran CSM 2009
Mr. M.R.M Rimzy CSM 2010
Mr. M.S.M Haneek CSM 2012

The cadet platoon of Zahira College participates in the annual assessments camp held every year with 25 well trained cadets in the platoon. Up to 2011 Zahirian’s cadet platoon has participated in 11 annual assessment camps. It annually carries out several projects in side and out side the school focusing social welfare. It also conducts annual leadership camp with the participation of more than 15 Muslim schools in the district.
The cadets are tested in the subjects,
  • Leadership
  • Live firing
  • Map reading
  • Field craft
  • Confidence building course
  • Regimental duties
  • General knowledge
  • Physical fitness
  • Drill display
  • First aid
  • Defence competencies

So we organize annual trips in order to develop the knowledge and skills in the areas like leadership, map reading, field craft, confidence, physical fitness, first aid, defence competencies, team work and planning etc. Mostly cadets are taken to mountainous areas, and they are given training in activities such as hiking, hill climbing and camping, during the annual trips.
Also a get together is organized annually for all the cadets in the school. Mostly it is organized as an ifthaar programme by the cadets during the ramazan period of every year. Master in charge Lt. M.I.M. Ziyad, Principal, Deputy Principal, our sponsors and all the cadets are invited to take part in the ifthaar programme. On 29th October 2011 we had a going down party to honour our master in charge Lt. M.I.M. Ziyad, who has worked hard for uplifting the cadet in the college to a very good position, sacrificed himself on behalf of us and now has left the school.

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